Posts made in January, 2015

FATCA: Tricky but not devilish if handled well

We have now been involved in a number of FATCA projects, and in a nutshell, it is bad but not that bad. With technical knowledge, common sense, method and pragmatism, most cases can be resolved with relatively little effort, provided Learn more

FINMA and crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: An interesting update from Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA  FINMA just released a position paper on crowdfunding, which sums up nicely the various regulations applying to this booming industry in Switzerland. It’s a bit technical, but quite an interesting Learn more

CHF/EUR: La fin d’un “peg” temporaire

Une année qui débute en trombe avec le choc de l’abandon du taux plancher face à l’Euro. Lire le post de Kantox C’est la fin d’une période de stabilité et cela va conduire toutes les entreprises à revoir, et sans Learn more